At KJO, we love to hire new, young talent. When we interview potential employees, the number one thing we are looking for is real world video production experience. This is your chance to get that. We look for interns with knowledge of shooting, editing, and storytelling, but it’s just as important to be hungry and self-motivated. Get ready to do real work for real clients and gain a unique competitive edge when you’re ready to hit the job market


First, complete the small form below to let us know you’re interested.

Second, submit the following information to, the deadline for the application is April 6th.

1. Cover Letter

Be Brief. Be Bright. Be Gone. No need for a drawn-out monologue, simply tell us about yourself.

2. Resume

3. Video

Create a video answering these three questions.

1. What is a video or ad campaign within the last few months or year that has resonated with you? Why was it successful?

2. What was the toughest video/design/etc project you have ever worked on? How did you overcome the challenge, or learn from it?

3. You’ve got the day off, and can spend your afternoon doing whatever you fancy. What do you do? (Let’s avoid the obvious nap or binging a TV show).

The video must not be longer than one minute.

You must appear on screen at some point. This can be for the whole video, or just a scene.

You may use any filming or editing technique of your choice, so long as the final video answers the questions.

While audio and visual components should look and sound good, we are more concerned with your thought process. Be creative, we want to see how you think.

When finished, upload your finished video to YouTube, Vimeo, or your website. Then email us your cover letter, resume, and link to the video. The deadline is April 6th .